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Features :
Life Jackets are made of Polyethylene foam block as buoyant material and covered with International Orange colour.
Highly buoyant, waterproof & non-inflammable
Life Jackets are stitched in two types mainly for persons weighing above 32 Kg and persons weighing below 32 Kg.
Overall Dimensions of Life Jacket are 810 mm x 380 mm x 105 mm.
Conforms to SOLAS / MMD specifications.
Features :
Designed to give immediate & effective relief in event of injuries from contamination of chemical products or fire hazards.
Designed to provide a gentle, yet through rinsing of the eyes and face and full body drenching.
Floor mounted, combination Eye / Face Wash and Safety Shower, operated by means of foot pedestal, whistle valve.
Pulling a chain, at an easily accessible level from the floor, actuates the self-closing shower valve.
Corrosion & impact resistant
Features :
Made of Isotemp-glass fibre IG, feccy, terry-cloth-like fabric
Useful in smothering flames and envelop burning objects / people.
Size: 160 x 200 cm
Confirming to all National & International Standards.
Available in an emergency dust-proof, can be wall mounted.

Features :
First aid use on all types of burns.
Emergencies burn care & wound care.
Designed to provide immediate physical, heat& smoke shielding protection.
Non-toxic, Non-irritant, non-flammable, soothing, bacteriostatic, lidocaine-free& completely water-soluble.
a) Burn Free Water Gel Blanket:
The water gel blanket is a hydrogel impregnated woven blanket.
It has dual applications. The blanket is dipped permanently in the hydrogel and enclosed in a sterile bag.
In event of Fire, individuals can wrap the blanket around self and rush through the fire safety, to save others.
It also has medicinal healing properties, it should be wrapped around a burn victim, at the site itself, whereby the healing process commences immediately and the recovery chances are highly improved.
b) Burn Free Dressings
Designed for first aid use on all types of burn injuries.
Constructed of a soft, open cell foam, saturated with Burn Free gel
Sterile, light, easily transportable, non-adherent.
c) Burn Free Pain Relieving Gel:
Ideal for all minor burns, cuts, scrapes & abrasions.
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