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Features :
Enable rescuers to remove trapped victims from all types of accidents, whether it is vehicle, industrial or farm accidents, building or structural collapse
Can be carried over the roughest terrain with ease, offering easy access to any accident site, off road, inside tunnels or inside buildings.
No bulky power units to transport, which results in less noise, less user fatigue and no exhaust fumes.
Spreading and cutting capabilities to handle the most difficult vehicle evolutions.
Useful for cutting rebar and lifting concrete in building and structural collapse rescues.
Operated by an energy pack, which consists of a 12V gel cell battery with special electronics.
Features :
Hand held, remote video system lightweight and portable.
Delivers full colour video images.
Designed to function in harsh environmental conditions, can shock & vibration
Water proofs upto 50 mtrs. depth
· Powered with lightweight rechargeable batteries.
Designed to be used in collapsed buildings, confined space for search & rescue.
Can be used for distance upto 100-150 mtrs.
Features :
· Designed for the safety & comfort of divers, who work underwater either repairs or rescue operations.
· A complete set of the diving kit, equips the divers to operate efficiently & effectively, Underwater.
· Kit consists of a suitable Diving Suit with hood, boots / fins, gloves, facemask, snorkel, BC Jacket, Regulator, Guages, Cylinders & Valves.

Features :
High Pressure Heavy Lifting Bags for lifting the heaviest loads up to 74 US tons.
Experts upto 116 pounds per square inch of contact surface.

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