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Features :
Resist hazardous chemical attack from 3 different routes of entry: permeation, penetration & degradation.
Protection to workers in the Chemical, Petrochemical, Healthcare, Research Labs, LPG Tank Farms, Automotive, Glass, Asbestos, Cement and other industries, in which hazardous materials and contaminated wastes must be handled.
Made in highly visible colours (visible in hazy or smoky environments)
Designed to provide protection at the corresponding danger levels, as specified by OSHA standard ( 4 danger levels ;Level A -Level D).
a) Chemical Resistant cum Flame Retardant Suits
Designed to meet the NFPA specifications,
Prevents contaminating flammables like paint, oil / grease. hazardous liquids They are Self-extinguishing and won't melt/drip
b) Totally Encapsulated Chemical Suit:
Designed to provide complete protection to the respiratory, sight or skin from hazardous vapours, gases, particulates, sudden splash.
Totally encapsulated, vapour tight (triple sealed seams) Chemical Suits (Provision for a SCBA set) with hood, face shield, boots & gloves, having front /rear entry.
Reusable & available conforming to international specifications.
c) Chemical Splash Suits / Coveralls / Overalls / Apron:
Designed to provide protection of the highest degree to the respiratory system, but a lesser degree to the skin
Consist of hooded chemical resistant clothing.
Reusable & designed for daily usage during the normal working period.

Features :
Made of Kermal Fibre which is in the family form the
a) Kermal Fibre
It has a low modulus and gives to the fabrics and knits a soft touch like natural fibre.
It has not piling and long time the uniform aspect.
It shrinks very little in boiling water or in dry air-easy care.
b) Multilayer
Outler layer – Protection against flame, chemicals, tears,
explosion hazard.
Moisture membrane protection against water penetration, evacuation from the sweat.
Thermal Barrier – Protection against heat and flame.
Multiple applications:-Military and public order, fire brigades,
industry, hot gas filtration, electrical insulation.
Maximal protection during a few seconds against very high
Temperatures ( upto 1000 deg. C)
Long-term resistance ( a few years) against high temperatures
( 200 deg. C)
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