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Features :
Belongs to family of Self Contained Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus, to help instant Self-evacuation from an irrespirable atmosphere.
This unit provides complete protection to Head and respiratory track in a toxic/hazardous environment due to smoke and gas leakage.
The ELSA is a short duration (8,10 & 15 minutes) Compressed Air Breathing Set which provides a light weight easily operated system of respiratory protection for the wearer during emergency escape from an area of toxic atmosphere.
ELSA can be used in adverse atmosphere containing Smoke, H2S or any other Toxic gases.
The equipment is widely used by General Industries, High Rise Buildings, Defence Establishments, Chemical and Petrochemical Complexes, Refineries, Shipping Companies, Fertilizers and Offshore Drilling Organisations etc.
The set is very simple, safe and reliable and designed for easy and swift wearing, very light in weight and has an affordable price.
It has a vision transparent, Fire retardant PVC hood with elastic neckband to suit to various types of persons to 5 years old child.
The unit comes in bag and Jacket made of PVC with Nylon base material coated with fluorescent material in the front.
The set provides air, continuously for a period of 15 minutes, once the easily operable valve is turned on.
It fits to all persons and it is overcoming beards, spectacles and top knots of hair with added benefits of positive pressure inside the hood.
There are no storage problems with ELSA as the material used are resistant to ultraviolet & Ozone attack.
Approvals: Conforms to BIS 10245 Part III & IV and also approved by INDIAN NAVY & also used in ships
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