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Features :
The VIJAY SABRE CENTURION is an open circuit compressed air two stage automatic positive pressure.
Designed to meet the requirements in irrespirable atmospheres.
The true & reliable an automatic first breath positive pressure breathing apparatus.
Available in 30 & 45 minutes duration with various other optional arrangements.
A proven pneumatic system, exceeding the requirements of major international standards including EN-137.
It conforms & tested & is certified as BIS specification No. 10245 Part II.
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Features :
The Sabre CONTOUR 100, in combination with the Vision 3 facemask, offers wearers and specifiers new levels of comfort, improved fields of vision, true operational flexibility and low cost, simple maintenance in a self contained breathing apparatus that fully reflects Sabre's stated philosophy: to produce equipment that our customers will wear by choice, not just by necessity. .
Self Contained Breathing Apparatus for single cylinder use, comprising light weight anti-static composite back plate with Kevlar cylinder band.
Fully adjustable un-padded body harness: two stage Pneumatic system comprising tempest automatic positive demand valve with bypass.
VISION 3-face mask, shoulder mounted pressure indicator and 55 bar warning whistle.
First stage pressure reducer with single high pressure cylinder connector.

The apparatus be supplied with 6 litre/300 bar, High pressure cylinder with CCE Approved Valve with carrying Case.
Features :
An escape version self contained BA set with wider application
Designed for ease of donning, the Cen-Paq range is used where speed of response is the key issue.
Cen-paqs one sized waistcoat allows it to be used where full sized SCBA may be too bulky.

Cen-Paq is also suitable for snatch rescue, intervention purposes.

Proven, effective pneumatic system with first breath mechanism for use with PanaSeal/PanaVisor or Vision 3 facemasks.

Available in 10 & 15 minuits duration.

Features :
A long duration mobile Compressed Air Breathing System for supplying breathing air from interchangeable high pressure, high capacity cylinders or from a factory airline through a filtration system providing breathable air.
Designed for prolonged remote safety operations.
Designed for working remotely from the unit for 2 to 3 hours, therefore the user is freed of burden of carrying his own air supply.

Two or more persons can use the equipment simultaneously and users can work in confined spaces and enter through apertures of a limited area such as inspection hatches or manholes.

Provision for an airline attachment to enable supply from a continuous source like factory airline or low-pressure compressor.

Provision to replace empty cylinders with filled cylinders without interrupting the air supply to help extend the working duration.

An optional arrangement for an extra personal alarm to carry with the wearer is also available.
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